The Film Music Museum

Gottfried Huppertz

11/03/1887 Köln, Germany - 07/02/1937 Berlin, Germany

List of Silent-Films: 4

Original title English title Release date Notes Sample
Die Nibelungen, 1. Teil: Siegfried The Nibelungs, 1st Chapter: Siegfried 14/02/1924 Huppertz also adapted his music for a shortened version released in the UK
Die Nibelungen, 2. Teil: Kriemhilds Rache The Nibelungs, 2nd Chapter: Kriemhild's revenge 26/04/1924 -
Zur Chronik von Grieshuus Of the Chronicles of Grieshuus 11/02/1925 Score also includes alternate ending for exported version.
Metropolis Metropolis 10/01/1927 -

List of Silent Films Adapted with Sound: 1

Original title English title Release date Notes Sample
Siegfrieds Tod Siegfried's Death 06/01/1933 This sound adaptation, made from "Die Nibelungen, 1. Teil: Siegfried" in Germany, included Huppertz' music (in most parts), and a spoken introduction.

List of Sound-Films: 6

Original title English title Release date Notes Sample
Der Judas von Tirol The Judas of Tyrol 21/11/1933 -
Elisabeth und der narr Elisabeth and the Fool 24/01/1934 Original name was "Die weisse Schwester von St. Veith"
Hanneles Himmelfahrt Hannele's Ascension 13/04/1934 From a Gerhardt Hauptmann Play.
Der Grüne Domino The Green Domino 04/10/1935 -
Le Domino Vert The Green Domino 15/12/1935 French version of "Der Grüne domino", with different actors and editng (as well as slightly different music).
Durch die Wüste Through the Desert 20/02/1936 Based on a Karl May Novel.